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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The best way to smuggle drugs is inside a sniffer dog

I have been really grumpy in the last few days. So when one of the hospitals called me wanting me to work, I just said no. And that upset me more. I really should just screen my calls.
I just want to be under a rock for a few days. I have nothing new to say. I would say the world is turning to shit but that is actually not happening as I am just caught in a rut. The world is just as shitty as it ever was. You know how people talk about the good old days can anyone suggest when these good old days were? August 24th 1957? May 11th 1923? Remember when the Russian were the bad guys? Good old Commies....
Plus people come here as a result of searchs for various STDs. I know nothing of these dieases as I don't have enough sex. Nobody comes here any more. I wonder why?


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