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Sunday, July 24, 2005

I really need a new job

Work is totally fucked at the moment. With have just changed systems over and things just started falling to bits. The reason we changed was our old machines broke down several times a day. The newly install machines broke down about 20 times today. So we have gone backwards.
The other reason was it was supposed to reduce staff numbers. In the long run it may, but today we had just as many staff but nobody knew what they were doing. Some are fucking stupid too; in order to keep their jobs they need to learn the new system or else, but they preferred to disappear and do nothing.
Anyway, one of the reasons things were so bad was they failed to train anyone. They stuck the machines in on Thursday and then buggered off. The duty managers had three hours being shown the machines and none of casuals had any at all. So we had bugger all chances of fixing things when they went wrong.
But the true problem was Head Office talked to the client and either has any understanding of how things work at our end. Hence, they sold them something that doesn't do what they were told it would. It is a textbook example of how things can go wrong.
It was just a horrid day. Customers were screaming at us and tell us how it is not acceptable. As if we didn't know. Makes being on the dole look attractive.


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