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Sunday, July 31, 2005

An end to the IRA's War

Earlier this week, the IRA called it a day to the use of violence. I think one of the major reason is the IRA was not able to cope with the War on Terrorism. Employing terrorist tactics became extremely wise for an organisation that had hopes of one day coming to a settlement. Money from America had been drying up and the London bombings reinforced this and thus they decided the time was right to say that peaceful methods are the way to go.
The London Bombing also created a new risk, that some rouge IRA members might sell explosives to Al Quida terrorists. The last thing they want is to be blame for terrorist bombings that are not their own. ETA copped a heap of shit for the Madrid bombings. Thus it was really a time to call it a day.
So I wish to wish them good luck and hope that peace reigns over Ireland for years to come. And they are all going to end up in the EU anyway.


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