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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Crown to start a medical clinic

Interesting. So that is why come pension day pokies venues become so popular?


  • At 11:39 am, July 13, 2005, Blogger Benno said…

    in sincerity pedantry tags:

    1. the gst replaced sales tax on whatever service/good the tax is added for, therefore it may be either more or less than 2 cents if it was 2 cents with sales tax.

    2. what in this case incurs the tax?

  • At 12:23 pm, July 13, 2005, Blogger B. S. Fairman said…

    Ahh.... I wasn't selling my blog so there was no sales tax but I consider it a service, all be it a really poor service. Hence the GST.


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