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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Busy days for Telstra

With 300 000 Australians living in the UK, there has been a hell of a lot phonecalls to the UK in the last few days. On Thursday night, it was almost impossible to get out of the country with a phone call. I spent three hours trying to call my older brother and got onto to him via email in the end. I couldn't even get a line out of Australia to my parents to tell them he was okay.
I then got a phone call in the morning from a very upset little sister in Paris who had only just found out and was unable to contact him. As she doesn't speak French the fact that people seemed to be watching televisions everywhere didn't set off any lightglobes as she couldn't understand the news. As it would have been 3AM I am not suprised he didn't answer his phone.
Anyway, I would have to say these attacks have had a major impact here as it occurred at the start of primetime, the cricket coverage was stopped for the BBC's and Sky News' live coverage. I was working in the Melbourne CBD on Friday and would have to say it was one of the quietest days outside of weekends and summer holidays I have seen. There were on-the-street parking bays in William Street at 9.45 am... That just doesn't happen on a weekday.


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