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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Time for ICC to pull the finger out

In the 1970's, all the cricketing nations of the world stopped playing South Africa. However, this happened in the days before the dollar became the sole thing that is important in cricket.
This brings me to the issue of Zimbabwe. New Zealand is due to tour later in the year, but at least the New Zealand government has the balls to stand up and say they should not go. If New Zealand doesn't go, the ICC can fine them up to $2 million and they look like that is what they will do.
It is time for the ICC to say enough is enough. They say politics and sports should not mix, but in this case they have already and it is time we stopped playing cricket against them.

PS. The last time Australia was due to play there, only McGill refused to go. For this he was sadly not prasied enough.


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