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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Labor First

Around the blog sphere there has been a bit of talk about Labor First. This is a movement that claims to want to get more people involved in the ALP. In particular, they want people who have been put off joining the party due to their dislike of the factional fights, backroom deals and branch stacks. One thing that would certainly help the ALP is getting more people involved.

The people more involved with the ALP feel that is just an attempt by Evan Thornley attempting to start a faction of his own. Some have even suggested that it looked like "we're not a faction" faction. However, it would not be a very powerful faction if members did not always vote together. That is the problem I have with the factional system; Factional members vote along factional lines. If this group does not have this rule, then it will be a great improvement on the other factions.

It is also suggested that it is just a move to get Evan Thornely into a safe seat. I feel that if he is such a great candidate, to prove his worth he should stand for a marginal seat that the ALP is going to need to win off the Liberals in order to win government. That way he would show that he believes in what he is saying.

Anyway, those who are deeply involved in factions are the ones who seem to have the greatest doubts about this movement. Maybe this is inside knowledge or they have been involved for too long that they can't see that this is different. Time will tell.


  • At 3:10 pm, June 22, 2005, Blogger Rex said…

    My view exactly. How can enyone be in a position to criticise this outfit if its only just started?


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