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Friday, June 10, 2005

The Flinders St Flyover

Here in Melbourne we have a few problems. One of them is we have a habit of building stuff and then working out that they are not right. The city square is a prefect example. Everytime there is a new council elected there is a new plan for the site.

Anyway to my point on this post, At the moment they are removing the Flinders Street flyover of Kings Street because it looks ugly. It doesn't matter that it help traffic flow by avoiding having an intersection between these two major streets in the middle of the street. At the moment there is a traffic jam all the way up Kings Street to the Flagstaff Gardens and the Vic Market (about 1.5 K away). It is also screwing up tram services a bit. Admittedly, it will not be that once they have knocked the thing down but it will not help traffic flow as there will another set of traffic lights which will slow everything down a bit more.

As you can propably tell I can't see the point in this effort to remove something which some people see as ugly but actually works. Maybe if there was to some plan to deal with the traffic once the bridge is removed, I would be more in favour.


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