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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Party Memberships

After reading Rex in the City's post about the cost of stacking out the Victorian ALP, I began to wonder how much membership of each of Australia's major political parties cost. So I attempted to go the Victorian ALP site but it was down for some reason (Must have been a flood of interested branch stackers). They appear to have a sliding scale which could explain the slipery slope of branch stacking.
I then went to look at the Liberal party, and all I could do was order a membership pack which I really didn't want to do. There was no sign of the cost (other than your soul perhaps).
So I went to the Nationals site. They only wanted me to put a sign and didn't seem to have a membership form of any type. The other funny thing was that every member of the National's team has a website, except Barney Joyce of Queensland. Clearly this is because the two tin cans with a bit of string that Telstra provide as a telephone line doesn't work to well with the Internet.
So if any body knows what the costs to join any of these party do tell as it would give some meaning to this otherwise pointless post.

UPDATE: So I have found out the cost of a Liberal Party membership. It is a bit dearer than the lower end of cheapest memberships on the ALP, so it would be marginally harder to stack. If one was able to buy however 10,000 membership, the total cost would in fact be less still than a million. Thus for a really small $1.5 million one could stack out both the ALP and Liberal parties and thus control all of the governments contracts. That is if, and only if, they both failed to enforce their own rules.


  • At 3:07 pm, May 18, 2005, Blogger JP said…

    Each state division of the Liberal Party sets it's own membership fees, and in Victoria at least, the Young Liberal Movement also sets it's own seperate fees.

    A membership form for the Victorian division of the Liberal Party discloses the following fees

    Single Memberships
    Adult Membership $65.50
    Pensioner/Retired/Unemployed $22.50
    Full Time Student $22.50

    Joint Memberships
    Joint Membership $88.50
    Pensioners/Retirees $30.50
    Full Time Students/Unemployed $30.50

    The Victorian Young Liberal Movement Membership Form shows the following fees:

    1 Year $21.50 (Valid to 28 Feb 2006)
    2 Years $43.00 (Valid to 28 Feb 2007)
    3 Years $64.50 (Valid to 28 Feb 2008)

    However a new fee schedule is coming in 1 July wtih 1 year memberships now slightly more expensive and 4 and 5 year options available as well now.

    Join up, but you'll be disappointed to find that branch stackers get kicked out of the Liberal Party, as some former Young Liberals discovered.

  • At 3:11 pm, May 18, 2005, Blogger B. S. Fairman said…

    Thanks. One down, two to go.
    But I'll pass on the joining bit. They are not my cup of tea.
    What is the go with the branch stacking in Liberals anyway and what was the outcome?

  • At 4:31 pm, May 19, 2005, Blogger JP said…

    Well, I don't know if anything was in the media, but a while back there was a bloke organising "work experience" with MPs, on the basis that you had to join his branch if you weren't already a member (an incredibly mild form of stacking compared to the way factions in the ALP actually pay the fees of illiterate migrants). He was stripped of his party membership and the branch in question defuncted, despite working for a Liberal Party politician himself.

  • At 11:28 pm, May 19, 2005, Blogger Alex said…

    The young guns in the Libs are learning quickly from Labor Unity on how to get control of the party. Look at preselection battles in seats like Wentworth, or some of the "Scoresby" seats in Victoria.


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