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Thursday, May 26, 2005

How many mountian cattlemen are there?

There are 8000 cattle in the Victorian Alpine National Park. So how many mountain cattlemen are there? Given that you need probably a fair few head each to make mustering etc worthwhile, there can't be more then a few hundred cattlemen. And say there is about the same in partners and adult children and other supporters, you are looking at about 1000 voters. Given that most are from zones where the National Party gets at least 65% of the vote and that farmers tend to be a conservative lot, at most only 100 votes or so are going to change hands directly. Although the mountain cattlemen are a noisy lot, their impact on the state government is going to be minimal.

UPDATE: I heard somewhere that there are only 44 leasesholders. So perhaps my 1000 voters, was a bit above the true number.


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