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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Corby case Mark 2

My 2.2 Cents Worth:
Firstly, 20 years is harsh for carrying dope into a country. But then again, the arguement that all drugs are equally bad has caused many countries to give up having different grades of drugs. So when it comes to penalities, she got a sentence that would have been handed to someone carrying the same amount of herion. But that is the way the system works there and if you go overseas one has to suspect.
Now onto the claim the courts are corrupt and the case would have been thrown out here. The case in Australia would not have been thrown out on the gounds of a lack of evidence. It might have been thrown out because the amount of weed was not that great. There were four witnesses at the Airport and that would have good enough to convict here. The evidence from Australia about baggage handlers would not have even been heard in an Australian court as it was based on hear-say. So on the evidence the court was able to admit, the only reasonable course of action would be to convict. Here it would have been an open and shut case.
The media has been played by the Corby camp and has gone totally nuts. Strangely however, of those journalists who actually watched the trial, most came away believing she was guilty. If I was baggage handler at the moment, I would rightly be pissed off.

UPDATE: (1/6) Some people are just fucking nuts and need to get a life.


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