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Monday, May 09, 2005

Big Brother, Big Waste of Time

Last year, I picked Trevor as the winner the first night. The rest seem to be a waste of space. I then proceed not to watch the rest of the series. Yet, I was right about the winner.
I tried last night. I really tried but I couldn't bring myself to watch the first show. Normally I used to just to see if there was going to any decent birds to watch. It was just too painfully however to watch as so much of it seemed forced. Ten's programs used to be fresh but this was just stale like the crust of a cob loaf left out to dry.
The other funny thing is how quickly people's backgrounds get out. Within a matter of days if one wished it would extremely easy to find out basically everything about all of the contestants. However, nobody seems interesting enough to warrant more research.


  • At 12:00 am, May 12, 2005, Blogger Russell Allen said…

    I too, was insanely bored after the first 22 minutes of BB, mainly because I was being put off by Gretel's baggy eye that always seems to stand out regardless of the amount of make-up she has on.

    I have called upon two tried and tested techniques to pick a winner. The dart thrown at the newspaper with all their names...Mick Malthouse (damn! wrong page) - and getting a chimpanzee to type the name randomly - 4$dgiadj!

  • At 12:18 am, May 12, 2005, Blogger B. S. Fairman said…

    Nobody stood out like last year or the year before. Not that I care.

  • At 12:18 am, May 12, 2005, Blogger B. S. Fairman said…

    So I meant I don't care who the winner is.
    I care that TV has gone to shit.

  • At 2:09 am, May 12, 2005, Blogger Russell Allen said…

    Unfortunately TV has blown for a while. It's just that the sedatives are starting to wear off from the election ...


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