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Thursday, April 28, 2005

IVF and the stupidity of the Liberals

Who uses IVF mainly?
Women who are older.
Why are they older?
Because they have been working.
So why didn't they didn't stop to have children?
Because they are trying to have a career.
Would that make them richer?
Generally, yes. Compared to those who had children in their early twenties.
And therefore wouldn't that make them more likely to have a larger mortages?
Yes and therefore be more concerned about interest rates.
So they are more likely to have voted Liberal?
Well, yes.
Is it really bright then to piss off people who vote for you for such a pissy little bit of money ($7 million)?
And a lot people have at some stage tried to have a child and had a difficulty or two?
Well, yes. A lot haven't needed IVF but they can feel for those who require medical help.
So this might not have been a real smart move?
No, it looks like the Government wants to do a bit of social engineering and have women squeeze 'em out earlier.
Have they step over the mark and began to alienate the public?
Only time will tell.


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