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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Increasing the retirement age

Recently, Our most taxing treasurer, Peter Costello, the other day was suggesting that the retirement age should be increased to 75 sometime in the future. I have few points I hope like to make on this:
  • Isn't Obesity supposed to be killing us all off before we get to retirement age.
  • Is this in anyway linked to the Abortion debate. I can see someone coming up with the line "If we didn't have so many abortions, we wouldn't need you to work until you die."
  • Does anyone realise how useless some of the old people? NOTE: I said someone, not all. At work, the two people who are the slowest and most difficult are both the oldest members of staff (62 and 65). I know I sound like I am having a whinge but they drive me nuts.
  • I bet that if these change does take place it will screw me and my generation but not the baby boomers. They have had everything handed to them on a plate.


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