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Friday, April 01, 2005

Hiding something, Bracks?

Yet, another post about branch stacking in the Victorian branch of the ALP. The other day there was a protest by ALP members against this outside the headquarters. There was only a hundred people there but if some of the stories are true that is a large chunk of the members who are actually "real" people.
I have said it before it is just stupid to allow branch stacking to happen. Even if it is not happening, it is stupid to allow the appearence of it to be allowed to exist. So why are they saying there is no need for independent auditing? It just say "We are trying to hide something" to anyone with half a brain.
In the end, one faction will get complete control but then it will split because there will be a clash of personalities as the fight for power within. And then you're back at square one. And a lot of people would have walk away from the party and you will have no one to hand out the how-to-votes. Grassroots should be more valued before it is too late.


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