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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Conclave of fun

I reckon tomorrow night is going to be a really bad night for TV because it looks like all of the stations are going to show the popes funeral, so I am glad that my sister's is throwing a party and I have something to do.
Despite being a non-believing person who was raised as a weak catholic, the whole death of the pope and election of a new pope has actually got me interested as I have never seen the whole thing happen before. However, I have seen the Godfather part III which has a conclave in it, the election of Pope John Paul I, which gives me some ideas. Anyway, as my agnostic father said I might as well pay attention as it might not happen for 26 years again.
Hardlines might point out that there are more Catholics than ever before. However, most of the growth has been in the poor sections of world and in the western world fewer and fewer people are going to church, therefore giving less money and leaving less property to the church. So it will be interesting to see how the Cardinals weigh up all the factions.
Let nobody tell you, I am not a junky for politics, if church politics can get me going.

UPDATE: Lying in state is kinda of creepy. The news footage of the dead pope is a bit strange as they seem to have taken a lot of the body. What were they hoping for: JP to start breathing again?


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