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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Witch Burning

I am a little worried about the direction that this country is headed. We seem to be in the middle something that is very much like the Selma Witch Hunt of 1692. I am talking about the crazy lengths we are going to stop pedophiles here in Australia. Now, don't get me wrong: Pedophiles are dirty fucking dogs who prey on the most innocence members of society.

Yet, some of the steps are just causing more problems than they are worth. For instance, to be a teacher in Victoria one has to join the Victorian Assocation of Teachers which checks both qualifications and police records. I have no problem with that except that it does not allow people like this teacher to explain themselves. It turns out that he only touched his girlfriends breasts when she was two months away from being of the age of consent and there was not any sex at all. Yet, he is banned from teaching for life.

Likewise, MediaWatch the other night got stuck into the West Australian for creating a fear campaign about staff being pedophiles at one of Perth's main hospital. It turns out there was actually not basis to any of these claims. Some related to instances that happend 15 years ago and other cases related to misuse of the internet, which did not involve child porn as the West Australian claimed. Making stories like this up is dangerous and stupid. It is a bit like the boy who cried wolf: One day people will stop listening. Then true cases will be ignored which will be ignored.

Perhaps, we have just gone a little overboard on this whole issue as a society.

UPDATE: Mr Lefty has said it much better over at his site. He also makes the point about photographing children now days is looked down upon. Parents have been film their childrens swimming sports for years and there has never really been a problem. Even if some pervert does use the photos or videos for some sexual purposes, it is not as if they are actually harming the child then.


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