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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Skills shortage

I am I the only person in this world with half an fucking brain?
Australia is supposely in a shortage of skills workers and the government answer to this is to blame young people for going to university instead of doing a traditional trade.....
Why does it take 4 years to learn a trade when it only takes 3 years to get a basic degree in Arts, Science or Commerce (and that can be fast tracked if one does summer subjects and overloads)? Surely trades would look more attractive to more young people if they took less time to do. Sure, there are things a bricklayer needs to learn but one can be educated as an Engineer in same time.
In the past, when the majority of people did not go past year 10 at High School there may have been reasons for such a length time because they needed to learn some of the things which they now learn at school. So it shouldn't be too hard to reduce the time it takes to become a Welder, Bricklayer, Fitter and Turner, Plumber or whatever.....

Anyway, I had my first real taste of management today and I can't see how hard that can be (Plus the $285 for the days always helps).


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