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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Lightfoot is right about one thing

Despite his lack of ability to work as a secert agent, Senator Ross Lightfoot is right about one thing. Kurdistan should be allowed to gain independence if Iraq collapses into a failed state. Despite what all the right wingers out there say, some of us live in the real world and can see that it is unlikely that the three groups Iraq are going to be able to come sort of love in in the near future.
So are we then going to allow the bits of Iraq which are calm and locally governed to be forced to remain part of a failed state just because it does not suit the Saudis, Americans etc. Those Kurdistan could be forced to be a state like Somaliland which is the northern part of Somalia that has formed into a well governed and reasonable peaceful state that the world says not exist. International efforts are undertaken to attempt Somaliland to rejoin the rest of Somalia which is still ruled by various warlords because Afircan dicators beleive in maintaining the borders that were left when the Europeans cleared out in the second half of last century.


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