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Friday, March 18, 2005

Footy on the TV

People from other states think Victorians are made when it comes to our following of Australian Rules Football, known mainly as Footy. Anyway, the TV rights for next year are up for grabs. What happen five years ago was SEVEN had the rights and NINE and TEN outbid them. Now, the five contract is up and it is time deal again. However, TEN has jumped ship to get into bed with SEVEN and unless NINE can afford to dig real deep, it looks as if footy is back on SEVEN. So in honor of this I am play "Fanfare for the common man".
One of the major problems with footy on NINE is that they show both the rugby league and AFL in the northern states. So they show the local league matches in primetime and AFL in the middle of the night. This is not really what the AFL wants as these are suppose to be the growth markets of the game. SEVEN doesn't have this problem and NINE really struggles with having their cake and eating it too.
Plus NINE employs that wanker Eddie McGuire, but that is a different story.


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