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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Crap Ads on TV

The new "Just Right" ad on TV is really giving me the shits. The ads states that "according to research young Australians want to take care of themselves, but still want a little indulgents." And "Just Right" happens to be "just right" for this. Why on earth do I need research to tell me how I feel? Why the fuck would I need to know that if that was how I truely felt? Why don't they say "if you want to take care of yourself......... eat Just Right". Fake research like this gives me the shits.

TV ratings shit me too. They do the same sort of the bullshit. The fact that some program has a half million viewers in Melbourne, means that everyone is watching it. Bullshit. I have never watched American Idol, My Resturant Rules, Lost or any other crap on TV that my generation is supposed to be in love with.


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