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Thursday, February 10, 2005

One day we'll get serious with Security

After reading about the installation of Speed Bumps in Canberra to protect Parliament House in Crikey's mailout, I am being to wonder if Australia is ever going to get serious about anti-terrorist security. A couple of weeks ago I was walking by the Treasury Buildings in Melbourne at night when I noticed something: The bollards out the front are about 8 metres apart and are about a foot high. That is not going to stop a determine terrorist with a truck or car bomb.
Another thing I have noticed is that Car Parks are still being placed under new buildings. If you want to bring a building down you attack the foundations which are easily access from the car park. I know it will cost more but build the car park next to the building, not under it. And it is not like terrorists are stupid (they are misguided) and they can work these things out themselves.
I can't see another Sept. 11 style attack because the risks of failure is too high. To hijack a plane nowdays is going to take a lot more than a knife. If some terrorist was going to try, they would have little old ladies even trying to take them on. Yet, most of the spending has been on upgrading airport security to stop another Sept 11 attempt. I think Osama Bin Laden even figured the tactic could only be used once, that is why he tried it on four planes at the same time (even then on 3 worked).
So hopefully one day we will get serious about security, otherwise the consequences are not worth thinking about.


  • At 3:03 pm, February 10, 2005, Blogger Potentially Ash said…


    Have you been to-

    And, so far the speedhumps in Rae st have prevented a full scale terrorist attack on my house. All I have to deal with is the bloody share house insurgents and I will sleep well at night.



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