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Monday, February 14, 2005

Iraqi Election Results are in

There is nothing I love more than an election and its results. I think watching election coverage as a kid started my interest in politics. Anyway enough about me on to the Iraqi election results and what they mean.
The good news was that 8.4 Million people voted which was a turn out of around about 58% which is a little lower than the figures that were floating around two weeks ago. It is still a half decent figure considering the threats of violence (and the few instances of actual violence). Yet, the problem is that most of these people were Shittes and Kurds. The Sunnis didn't vote in the numbers that were reported a week ago.
The Unitied Iraqi List got 48.1% of the vote and will almost have a majority. Despite the reports that it is a Shitte party, it does contain sunni members. Also, it means that Ahmed Chalabi will live to fight another day (and perhaps give misinformation to someone else).
The Kurds did better than expected. They got around 25% of the vote. So we may see independence in the cards as they have enough of a say to almost block any changes.
The big loser was Iyad Allawi. His Iraqi list came in a distant third with a mere 15%. Thus it shows that if hang around with the Americans too much your not going to come out on top. Considering that it was expected that his groups vote would be at least double what they got, he can not be happy with the result and is unlikely remain PM for too much longer.
Anyone willing to guess how long it will be before the Americans are told to leave by UIL is free to do so.


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