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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Football at 29C

I went to the first match of the pre-season wizard cup and saw my team Richmond lose to Collingwood (As I had expected them to). I came away from the match with a few interesting points:
1. The Super Goal adds an extra level of complexity to the game.
2. The new tribunal system sounds as if it was created by the same person as came up with the Duckworth-Lewis system for cricket.
3. Richo is going to be the same useless piece of crap as per normal. And the white shorts make his arse look big.
4. Collingwood fans really are as stupid as the stereotype would have them. I would have said the pack around us had about a dozen teeth amongst them.
5. Pre-season competitions really don't matter. And I am not just saying that cause we lost.
6. The grey jumpers looked shit.


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