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Friday, February 11, 2005

Drawing a long bow

Prince Charles is now going to marry his former mistress. The problem with this was the Church of England is not going to conduct the wedding, because they don't believe in marrying people who 's relationship has lead to the end of other marriages. So it is to be a civil wedding. However, now the church is willing to accept that this two people want to be together even if they don't accept the way they have come together.
So say two other people want to get together and marry but certain religious groups don't approve. Certain religious groups don't approve of mix racial marriages but the law does not stop them. However, the Howard government here has brought in laws that says that only people of the opposite sex should allowed to marry. This is almost as stupid as it is religious groups that object the most. Anyway that is me drawing a long bow.
Any way it was better than posting about how we should a republic.


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