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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Why unopposed is a step backwards

Beazley is going to be elected this Friday. And the push is for the election to unopposed. I feel this is a step backwards. Sure, it will briefly suggest that the party is unitied behind him. But it will show that there is no clear person to follow him into the leader's role the next time, and we will have the same old shit fight again.
One thing about the Howard and Costello pairing is that the deputy could clearly step into the shoes of Howard if he "goes under a bus"*. In the ALP there is not the case. If the deputy had of been a true leader when Latham fell sick the first time, the deputy could have stood into his place. But instead we get a vacuum and "nothing ever happens in a vacuum"**.

*His own words.
** One thing I learnt at Uni.


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