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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Which Godfather to watch?

I have all three Godfathers on DVD and as I stuck on the couch sick as a dog, I am not sure which one to watch between the end of the News at 12.30pm and the first 4.30pm bulletin. I know I can forget about watching Godfather Part 3 as it is shit. They should have stopped at two times. A little bit like how some people feel about Kim Beazley attempt at coming back.

UPDATE: Watch the first one again. It is always amazing that everytime I watch the films I pick up on something new. Like in the scene where Micheal goes to the hospital to see the Don and there is no protection, he explains to the Don that he is going to take care of him and he is going to help the family the Don is crying. I never noticed that. Plus I love way he drafts Enzo the Baker to protect the hospital with him.


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