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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Still a donkey

I think I getting bullied at work. Or perhaps they are demaning too much of me. The problem is we have lost a large chunk of staff and have hired new staff who are basically crap (as we all once were). I am being relied on to train staff because some of the management have never done the job and therefore I am teaching all the bad habits I have to everyone else. And my bad habits are really starting to bug me. Plus that they are making me manage shifts like the one I did today.

And it is not like they are not making money. The turnover today was massive and I work in an industry that has very few overheads. So most of todays revenue was profit and I will get in trouble for calling in more staff because the two staff I had on were run off their feet. Plus I used all the change we had (4 grand) and I don't know how to order more.

And one of the supervisors is a real prick.


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