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Sunday, January 23, 2005

My personal feelings on ALP leadership

Who do I want to win?
That is a hard question and the best answer I can give is I want someone to win. Ten days is a long time to be leaderless.
Anyway I am going to start making a list of things I have said about each of the candidates (that I will periodically add to if I can be stuffed):
  • Gilly will get pick on for being a woman by the retarded Australian media if she gets the top job. Guys get a lot easier by just having to wear a suit.
  • Speaking of dress sense, Beazley needs to wear a tie as the open chest look on him is not really good. Mind you he had flown across the country on the red eye.
  • Rudd is a foreign minister, not a prime minister.
  • I think the Morgan Poll doesn't tell the whole story. But Smith on 2% is certainly true.
  • Also on the polls, they always have Beazley being the most favored by the people. Yet, it doesn't matter if most people want him if they don'r want him as PM.
  • Tillops would do. He couldn't be any worse and seems to have the support of the Drunk faction anyway. I am always in favor of leader who can jug skoll.
  • I am not going to run mainly because I can't see myself joining the ALP in the near future.
  • Gillard is talking about Condelezza Rice being a role-model for herself. What they have in common other than being women beats me. I mean Rice is Black, right-wing and American.
  • The last redhead to lead the ALP was Scullin. Although I am not sure if she is naturally a redhead.
  • Lindsay Tanner said he is not running and says he is backing Beazley. Clearly, he thinks there is no point in trying to get back those members of his electorate who voted Green.
  • Okay, I am not normally a sexist person and would fully support a female leader like Gillard but only on one condition: They stay away from the BBQs. This clearly men's work and the way Gillard was grilling meat on the news showed she clearly has no idea about the male art of BBQing.


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