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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Latham is not dead but still confuses everyone

Well, it turns out Mark Latham is not dead. We know this as he has sent an email. Perhaps he could gone to Thailand faked his own death as that would be a better fate than the one he now faces.
The email said nothing we didn't already know, therefore it failed to answer any of the question that have been asked of him. What is wrong with him? Will he get better and if so can he swear he won't? Does he still have the guts to still be leader and how is he willing to regain his team members trust? And most important of all, how expensive was the bottled water in the minibar?
The Australian Public needs a Labor Leader. And Latham is not leading, he's following. I know he is sick. I suspect that maybe related to his cancer that he had a few years ago (Hopefully not). But if he is just staying in the job for another month or two just in order to get someone he prefers into the job he is not doing anyone any good.


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