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Friday, January 21, 2005

Great Ocean Road toll

I must be one of the few Australians who does not really like the beach*. However, most can't get enough of it. The local council in charge of the Surf Coast reckons it can't handle the cost of so many tourists driving on the Great Ocean Road.
So they want to bring in a toll on the road. One of the suggestion is $200 levy on international tourists. That would mean they earn about $10000 per coach load that travels the road. This seems to me to a little bit high. It is just going to drive tourists away from that section of the coast. I know it is beautiful but most coastland is beautiful and the tourist will just go to somewhere else that is cheaper. If they can't make money out of the tourist trade by charging rates on hotels, cafe's, petrol stations etc. then are just not trying hard enough.

*Sand and salt water is just not my thing. My mother doesn't understand this and the family still has Christmas at the beach. Plus I stood on a crab the last time. Twice.


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