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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Bushfires in SA

Always very sad when there is bushfires and it kills people (So far 8 people are dead but there some others missing). However, they mostly seem to be deaths that could have been avoided.

A lot of the people seem to have been caught on the road after deciding to leave their houses too late. The one place you don't want to be in a bushfire is out in the open because it is the radiant heat which is the killer. At least, get into a ditch or stay in the car and crouch down covering themselves with a blanket or something. The odds are not too good but they are better than being in the open. It however might have been better to stay in their houses.

Despite the myths that the media like to present, Houses don't just burst into flames when a bushfire reaches them. In fact most houses burn down in the following few minutes after the fire front has past. This is because it takes a while for combustible stuff like window frames and garden furniture next to the house to catch and then that sets the house on fire. It is not like this new information. The CISRO did research after every major bushfire since the end of the Second World War and showed that houses that were defended by the residents survived about 80% of the time. Even if the house was to burn down those inside could flee to outside and the front is likely to have past.

The Victorian CFA does not evacuate people like other services around Australia who can force a person to leave. Of course, this then makes people decide whether they want to risk their lives defending their home or fleeing but then again life is full of choices.

I don’t know. The media just piss me off when it comes to Bushfires.


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