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Thursday, November 25, 2004

JFK computer game

So there is this computer game where you get to take three shots at JFK as he drives around Dallas from where Lee Havery Oswall was supposely taking his pot shots from. The makers claim that it shows that three shots could have been fired by him to kill JFK. But I think the markers of the game have missed the point. Most of the witnesses said they heard more than three shots and therefore Oswall could not have been the lone gunman.

The movie "JFK" goes over this in great detail. Remember the magically third bullet which went on a Cook's tour of JFK body. Just because of this I am going to walk down to the video shop and hire a copy. The problem will be it will be on video and I have only got a DVD player.

What would have made the game more fun would be to have a few shots from the grassy knoll. And you could have had it in multiplayer format.


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