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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Uranium Mining

If we do open up Australia to more Uranium mining, where are all the workers going to come from given that we have full employment? Are we really expecting the remain small dole line to provide the skilled workers that are going to be needed to operate these mines? Or are the mining companies going to start a bidding war for mining employees resulting in wage rises and higher interest rates?

Cricket World Cup

What is the ICC thinking? This has been going too long. Too many mismatches. Too many matches all together. Too many coaches have been murdered. Too little effort on the human touch.
Losing both Pakistan and India in round one was always going to be a blow but there have been many more mistakes than that.
It doesn't help that it is being played in the most difficult place in the cricketing world in terms of TV coverage. It probably would be okay times in the UK and South Africa but the major markets of Australasia and Asia it is a terrible time to watch cricket.
And why on earth is there only one match a day for the entire tourament. The first round could have had two games a day and the super eights should have had one game a day for four days a week and two games on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
This world cup is going to kill the one day game off and open the door for the Twenty 20 Cricket which is going to sky rocket in the wake of this flop.

So what I have been up to?

Lets see, what have I done, I have:
  • Purchased a new car (well a 97 VT to replace the 80 VC)
  • Quit another Job (and made a disgrace of myself at the previous job's Christmas party)
  • Moved to Canberra and had to pay 50% more rent than Melbourne
  • Entered the Public Service and basically been put in a cupboard for a few months.
  • Become slightly bored with Canberra after a few weeks
  • I have also entered my late twenties which makes me feel extremely old and a little disappointed that I have not had sex with enough females.
  • I have been erxcerising a little more, in the hope that if I do manage to bed another female I will not collapse after two minutes of light activity.

I'm Back

After a break of four and a half months I feel it is time I began posting again. This mainly because I have got more to say and nowhere really to say.

Friday, December 01, 2006

End of a career that I never really wanted

I end my career as a CPA today. CPA being a Car Park Attendent. Having found employment for next year, I decided to finish up today. I tried to yesterday but they went and fired my boss for misconduct so I had nobody to resign to, which was a problem. Having worked in the industry for the 3 years, I am not going to say that I was treated well and my talents were exploited more than discovered. However, often my tasks were not too hard and I was often allowed to read books, sometimes surf the internet or as for the last six months watch a hotels TV supply. In fact, I think I will look back on these times with a mix of reget that I was not doing something more important and sadness that I am in the future going to be required to use my brain.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

My Cheap Opinion on the state election outcome

Bracks and co. have won a third term after losing a handful of seats. They were always going to lose some as they were on a record high and were holding seats that are true Liberal party heartland. I think Ted and his mob would be extremely disappointed with what looks like a mere five seat or so gain. Earlier on, I had said that anything more than ten seats would be seen as a victory and anything less would be extremely worrying for the Liberal party. Ted might have a profile now but there is little else to build off for the 2010 election.
In retrospect, this would have been the type of election where it would have been smarter to say at the very start "we can not win, but if don't punish the government for A, B and C they will do it again" and thus advocate a protest vote. This can work as was seen in '99.
The Greens would be fairly disappointed as they look like they have only won one or two upper house seats. There was was talk of them winning one in each of the metro areas and possibly one in a country area. It didn't happen mainly because the Liberal Vote was often so low, the final fifth spot was a contest between the ALP and the Greens. So all the talk about the ALP preferences in the Upper house really didn't make that of a difference in too many seats.
The Greens also fail in the lower house to win any seats. This is because the Liberal party vote didn't preference them directly and there was a bit of leaking to the ALP.
Of the other parties, Family First did quiet well and actually got above 4% in a lot of seats, so they would have got their money back on those seats. People Power lost all of their deposits but look for a little while to have pulled a rabbit out of the hat thanks to preferences in the upper house in Eastern Vic, almost like FF did in the Senate last federal election.

One final thing that is interesting is that the Victorian State Election is always going to line up with the start of the Ashes Tour given that we now have fixed terms.

All of this, I am set to the leave the state in just over a month.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Time to get back on the horse

Enough I say.
Two years is long enough.
Plus I need to say farwell to this fine city of Melbourne with fond memories.
Into the fray I go.... (well in a couple of days anyway, I need to build a bit of self-confidence.)

2 years of Blogging

I just realised that this blog has just turned two years old. It is now in the terrible two's. It is interesting looking at my early comments on this blog as I seem to have been more interested and then the interest just waned. Now I only post on the weekends and then only if I can be bothered. I seemed to have cared more in the past. Now I really don't give a shit much anymore.

Plus it is funny how people get to my site via search engines. I will not repeat the most common questions as that will just cause more people to be redirected here.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

International Rules

Australia played Ireland last weekend. Like the past few years the game turned into a punch on and a few of the non-professional Irish players ended up being injuried badly. The game of International Rules itself is a good game. It is fast and fairly interesting. However, everyone dismisses the series as a joke except the AFL who insist that it helping to grow the game. The Irish aren't happy as they tend to get belted by professional AFL players.
What needs to be done is the rules need to be clearer and the violence has to be toned down. The easiest way to that is to make punishment really count. That means missing AFL games for acts of thuggery.
If the Irish do walk away from the sport, the blame should be leveled on the AFL leadership as it is their inaction that has resulted in the GAA being really upset about the state of the game.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

State Election Update

A few points:
1. The ALP ads attacking Baillieu for backing the closure of schools in the 90's and making the point about his real estate agency selling the sites I think might have bittern a little. I heard people discussing it on a tram, so it has engaged people a little I guess.
2. The Liberals don't appear to have as much money as they are not running as many ads. Perhaps they holding back for the last two weeks. Also the ads feature Baillieu heavily and if the ALP's ads have indeed hurt then this might be part of the reason.
3. Bracks has not featured too heavily in the ALP's ads. This is a change from four years ago and the 1999 elections. He is not the trump card he used to be.
4. Family First decided to turn up in front of the media with baseball bats wearing t-shirts with their party's logo. It might have seemed like a good idea at the time but those photos might very easily come back to bite them in the arse at some stage. For example, If there is ever a case of violence committed by a party member, that footage is going turn up in the news reports. Neither major party would have allowed their members to be so reckless.
5. The Liberals seem to be intent on killing off the Vic Nats. Not sure if that is such a good thing as they will be needed one for the Liberals to win power again. Rural independents are not going to be any more friendly to the Libs than the Nats and that is what they will get if the Vic Nats are killed off.


There are big changes coming in my life. For the second time in my life I am about to relocate to a different city. I have spent 8 years in Melbourne and despite not always making the most of it, I have found it to be pleasent enough. But the time has come for me to move. The problem is I am not sure if I am ready. I haven't done most of my dreams and it is a little like I am going to settle down. Dammit, I guess this is growing up.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Not much much has been happening

I have been drinking a lot recently, almost as much as back in my Uni days. I might have to lay over the juice for a while after this week. There are just a lot people to catch up with before I disappear in a few weeks.
In other news, the Victorian State Election is so exciting I think people are just dying to pull out the razor blades and get over with. Normally an election gets me going but as there is so little chance of much changing I am just avoiding it.
The US midterms are looking somewhat more interesting. But again it ain't going to change much even if the Democrates win both houses. The timing of Saddam's guilty verdict as I already pointed out was so clearly timed to happen just before these elections, I think about half the world is able to see that. Pity not very many of them are Americans.
There was a strange liquid that feel for the sky the other day. It turns out it was rain. I was getting a bit worried that it would never rain again. I am still worried. The Murray has only eight months of water left and then we are really in the shit. What do we do if it never rains again?